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Conference Organizing Committee

Working towards making Postdisciplinarity 2018 possible: 
Dr Tomas Pernecky,
AUT Conference Chair
Dr Shelagh Mooney, AUT
Dr Heike Schänzel,
Dr Keri-Anne Wikitera, AUT
Dr Nancy McIntyre,
Lauren O'Connor,
Justine Philipp, AUT
Event Intern
Tomas Pernecky, Associate Professor                                Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Heike Schänzel, Senior Lecturer                                       Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Shelagh Mooney, Senior Lecturer                                      Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Ana María Munar, Associate Professor                            Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
Kellee Caton, Associate Professor                                     Thompson Rivers University, Canada.
Adriana Budeanu, Associate Professor                             Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
William Feighery, President                                              The Research Methods Laboratory, Switzerland.
Ella Henry, Te Ara Poutma                                               Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Can Seng Ooi, Professor                                                   Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, Senior Lecturer                       Griffith Business School, Australia.
Donna Chambers, Reader in Tourism                                Sunderland University, United Kingdom.
Frédéric Darbellay, Professor,                                           University of Geneva, Switzerland.
Lynn Minnaert, Clinical Assistant Professor,                     New York University, USA.
Mads Bødker, Associate Professor,                                    Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.
Richard Ek, Associate Professor,                                       Lund University, Sweden.
Szilvia Gyimóthy, Associate Professor,                              Aalborg University, Denmark.
Kajsa G. Aberg, PhD defender                                           Umea University, Sweden.
Kaya Barry, Artist/Researcher                                           Griffith University, Australia.
Ines Carvalho, Assitant Professor                                      Universidade Europeia (Laureate), Lisbon.
Johan Edelheim, Researcher                                               Multidimensional Tourism Institute, University of Lapland.
Simone Fullagar, Professor                                                 University of Bath, United Kingdom.
Bryan Grimwood, Assistant Professor                                University of Waterloo, Canada.
Candice Harris, Senior Lecturer                                         Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Stefan Kesting, UG Economics Programmes Director          Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom.
Mia Larson, Associate Professor                                         Lund University, Sweden.
Hui (Michael) Lee, Senior Lecturer                                     La Trobe University, Australia.
Courtney Mason, Associate Professor                                Thompson Rivers University, Canada.
Jane Meged, Associate Professor                                        Roskilde University, Denmark.
Barbara Meyers, Senior Lecturer                                        Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Judith Pringle, Professor                                                     Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Monique Redmont, Associate Professor                              Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Irene Ryan, Senior Lecturer                                                Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Jennie Small, Senior Lecturer                                              University of Technology, Sydney.
Elaine Yang, Associate Lecturer                                          Griffith University, Australia.
David Williamson, Senior Lecturer                                      Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Erica Wilson, Associate Professor                                        Southern Cross University, Australia.
Aaron Yankholmes, Lecturer                                               Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau.
Jill Poulston, Associate Professor                                         Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
Paul Lynch, Professor                                                           Napier University, Scotland.
Kate Sang, Associate Professor                                            Heriot Watt University, Scotland.
Andreas Oberprantacher, Associate Professor                     Universitat Innsbruck, Austria.
David Bell, Senior Lecturer                                                  University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
Arie Reichel, Professor                                                         Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

Scientific Committee


Welcoming Encounters: Tourism Research in a 

Post Disciplinary Era Conference

19th to 22nd June, 2013

Neuchatel , Switzerland.

Chair: Dr William Feighery

It all started in Switzerland, in the picturesque town of Neuchâtel. The aims of the first conference were to examine, explore and debate post-disciplinary approaches in research design, practice and reporting in a critical yet supportive environment. 

The 2nd Tourism Postdisciplinarity Conference:

Freedom, Art. Power. 

22-24 June, 2015

Denmark, Copenhagen

Chairs: Dr Ana Maria Munar & Dr Tomas Pernecky

Local Committee: Dr Ana María Munar, Dr Adriana Budeanu, Dr Can Seng Ooi, Dr Niels Frederik Lund, Dr Mads Bødker.

The second event was hosted by the Center for Leisure and Culture Services Research at the Copenhagen Business School. Postdisciplinarity was articulated as 'an invitation to various interpretations, critical analysis, and creative problem solving'. The committee was particularly interested in contributions that dealt with postdisciplinarity in relation to the topics of freedom, art and power.

The 3rd International Conference on

Postdisciplinary Approaches 

2-5 February, 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

Chair: Dr Tomas Pernecky 

Local Committee: Dr Tomas Pernecky, Dr Shelagh Mooney, Dr Heike Schanzel, Dr Keri-Anne Wikitera, Dr Nancy McIntyre.

The third event is hosted by the Faculty of Culture and Society at the Auckland University of Technology. The theme for our Auckland gathering is Knowledge as Disobedience, Expression and Creativity; we particularly encourage non-western perspectives vis-à-vis oral literature, art, and performance.


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