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Silo Park visit - experience placemaking in action!

We are working with one of our Keynote speakers - Frith Walker - on a visit to the Auckland Silo Park to experience placemaking in action! Please check our programme closer to the conference date for more information.

What happens at Silo Park?

Silo Park is a free public space that can be enjoyed by both young and old. During the summer season, Silo Park plays host to more than 50 events, activations and exhibitions attracting people from all over Auckland.

Events include the ever-popular Silo Cinema where films are projected onto the side of Silo7 to create a magical open-air movie theatre.

Silo Sessions bring live music to Silo Park in a range of different ways, with local and international artists taking to the stage around the area.

The Silo Sessions and Silo Cinema are complemented by the hustle and bustle of the Silo Markets that take place on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons - weather permitting.


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